4 Des 2010

The destruction of the liver at day week

Angry, very very ..... angry how not, so did wrong so wrong Moreover, the Adel. The devil is in the house. The most annoying person in the world. No matter what I do and disturbing moments of play, that's what I should avoid. Why? He's a detractor, carpenters complain, carpenters who did not enjoy deh. Mad .... really. I want to ask the same laptop BlackBerry just lost him. He asked for 5 different toys, definitely bought. Now I, who asked for a mini laptop for school just is not bought. If the BlackBerry do I need to really, as I'm active on the blog. Now, if I can use my BB fast write and nge-share on the blog. And Helloooooooo ..., this day is still old school. Not least, my main target to 2012 remained on the Gadget. No means no I'm Gadget, and no I mean no gadget. Maybe the end of the world's technology will extend to the children and created a world without parents !!!!!

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